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Village Design Statement (5Mb)

Appendix 1: Historic Environment Record (11Mb)
Appendix 2: Village Architecture - Open Day
Appendix 3: Village Architecture - Photos
Appendix 4: Village Views - Open Day
Appendix 5: Village Views - Photos
Appendix 6: Qualitative Survey Analysis
Appendix 7: VDS Timeline


Village Survey 2015

South Worcestershire Development Plan

South Worcestershire Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document


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Birlingham's Village Design Statement (VDS) is now available for your review and comment. This 27-page document is the culmination of nearly two years of work by members of the Parish Council and a large group of volunteers in the village.

The consultation process
The process started with the 2015 Village Survey that was sent to all 302 residents in 149 properties, with 46% of households responding to the questionnaire. This was followed by the formation of various volunteer working groups to gather information and the views of residents. This included a further Village Consultation carried out in early 2016 to address additional points raised in the survey. Once the working groups had compiled their information, an Open Day was held in the village hall on 15th October 2016. 96 residents attended and had an opportunity to view historical material on Birlingham and to comment and vote on various aspects of village life, including a Photographic Survey and Property Survey. Once all comments had been received and the results of the voting analysed, drafting of the VDS document began. Earlier versions of the draft VDS were shared with the planning department at Wychavon District Council and their comments were incorporated into later drafts of the VDS. This is because it is our intention, when finalised, to have it adopted by Wychavon. It will sit under the design policies of the South Worcester Development Plan (SWDP) as a supplementary residential housing policy.

In summary
We believe that through this extensive consultation process, the VDS not only fairly represents the views of residents but is also consistent with current planning policy, which is essential for adoption. It will not only be a useful planning tool but also provides an interesting snapshot of life in the parish in 2017 for future generations.

Your comments
We would now like to give all residents one final opportunity to comment on the document before it is submitted for adoption. Individual comments will be considered for inclusion by referencing the general opinions received during the consultation process. The VDS and its extensive appendices are available here and the link will also be circulated in the village newsletter. To limit costs, printed copies will only be made available to those unable to access the document on-line. A small number of printed copies will also be made available in the church, at the Flower and Produce Show, at Cuppa and Chat and in the telephone box. If you need a printed copy, please post your request in the letter box by the front door of the village hall.

Comments can be made in the following ways: Please include your name and address. The final date for receiving comments is 30th September 2017.

Thank you,
Ian Yates

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