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Running in parallel with the Second World War booklet, the Jubilee Committee is planning to launch a Birlingham Memories Project. The intention is to capture the memories of our older residents (and people who used to live in the village), either in sound or on video, so that these memories are available for future generations. It is hoped to interview as many people as possible about their life in Birlingham and to mount a series of exhibitions to display the results.

As part of the project the Jubilee Committee is applying for a Wychavon Community Grant for recording, playback and display equipment, which could then be used for events by other organisations in the village. As with all grants, it is important to show that there is community support for the project. Therefore it would be appreciated if you could complete a very short survey. If you would like to be involved in the project in any way, the Jubilee Committee would be very pleased to hear from you at news@birlingham.org – or give your details on the survey.

The Birlingham village website now has a new noticeboard. Although it is still under development, and being tried for a period of six months, you can use it to advertise items for sale, ask for volunteers, publicise events or anything else you would normally put on a village noticeboard. The Noticeboard is also open to local businesses to advertise.

To access the Noticeboard, click here.

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