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The next Parish Council Meeting takes place on Wednesday 20th March at 7.00pm in Birlingham Village Hall. During the meeting there is an opportunity to express your views on local issues, so please come along.

The agenda for the meeting is available here and draft minutes of the previous Parish Council Meeting are available here.

The Parish Council is proposing three village projects for New Homes Bonus (NHB) funding, as detailed below. For full details of the applications, click here. For New Homes Bonus applications to be successful, it is essential that we can demonstrate positive public support for the projects. Please click here to complete a short survey and tell us which of the three options below you support.

Millennium Bench. This is the circular bench that surrounds the plane tree on the village green opposite the lych-gate. It has been mentioned at previous Parish Council meetings that the bench is now damaging the plane tree by cutting into the trunk and roots and having had the tree surveyed by a tree surgeon, the recommendation is that the bench be removed. As the bench is popular with villagers and walkers it is hoped that it can be reassembled and re-sited on the village green. However, due to the slope on the green, an area will need to be levelled and finished with stone. Carpentry and ground work costs are estimated to be £1000. It is hoped that £872 can be funded from NHB with the balance coming from Parish Council funds.

War Memorial. Part of the research into WW1 servicemen revealed that Frederick Quarrell, a villager who died in the war, is not on the Birlingham memorial or on any other war memorial. The Parish Council fully supports the inclusion of his name on the war memorial and is proposing to submit an application for NHB funding as a contribution towards the stonemason’s cost of £300.

Birlingham in the Second World War. As part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the Jubilee Committee produced a booklet detailing the 50 men who went to war. The committee is now planning a similar booklet to mark the 75th anniversary, in 2020, of the end of the Second World War, covering the 39 men and women from Birlingham who saw active service. The booklet would provide a permanent record of the service personnel and their families, and of life in Birlingham during the war years. The production costs are estimated to be £432 and the Jubilee Committee are applying for a grant of £200 towards these costs. The remainder of the printing costs will be raised by the committee.

Residents are invited to complete the survey or contact the Clerk at birlingham_clerk@yahoo.co.uk if they have comments on any of these proposals. As this will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting, comments must be received no later than Tuesday 19th March.

St James’ Church Urgently Needs You! Everything we do at church is a team effort but we need people to be part of the team. Some people have particular roles which ensure the smooth day to day running of the church. Churchwardens have a particular leadership role and without them it becomes difficult for us to legally operate as a parish church. Both Ann Maxwell and Ali Hastings are stepping down as Churchwardens at the Annual Meeting on 2nd April and we don’t seem to have any natural successors. Can you help? It is expected that a churchwarden will come regularly to church to share in its life and worship.

We also need some help with our finance. After John Hill died Neil Eldred came forward to be our Treasurer and to keep the books in good order. However, the day-to-day banking has been ably handled by Ann Maxwell. As she is standing down as Churchwarden this will no longer be possible. What we are looking for is a Treasurer’s Assistant who is able to handle all the day-to-day aspects of the Treasurer’s role including banking and dealing with correspondence.

There is also always room for more people to join the PCC. If you think you can help in any way, or want to know more about what’s involved, please contact Ann, Ali or me. Thank you, Claire (vicar.pershoreabbey@gmail.com, 01386 552071).

Running in parallel with the Second World War booklet, the Jubilee Committee is planning to launch a Birlingham Memories Project. The intention is to capture the memories of our older residents (and people who used to live in the village), either in sound or on video, so that these memories are available for future generations. It is hoped to interview as many people as possible about their life in Birlingham and to mount a series of exhibitions to display the results.

As part of the project the Jubilee Committee is applying for a Wychavon Community Grant for recording, playback and display equipment, which could then be used for events by other organisations in the village. As with all grants, it is important to show that there is community support for the project. Therefore it would be appreciated if you could complete a very short survey. If you would like to be involved in the project in any way, the Jubilee Committee would be very pleased to hear from you at news@birlingham.org – or give your details on the survey.

The Birlingham village website now has a new noticeboard. Although it is still under development, and being tried for a period of six months, you can use it to advertise items for sale, ask for volunteers, publicise events or anything else you would normally put on a village noticeboard. The Noticeboard is also open to local businesses to advertise.

To access the Noticeboard, click here.

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